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value brought Tax (VAT) became brought within the UAE on 1 January 2018. The charge of VAT is 5 per cent. VAT will offer the UAE with a brand new supply of earnings with a purpose to be endured to be utilised to offer public services. it’ll additionally help government circulate in the direction of its vision of decreasing dependence on oil and different hydrocarbons as a supply of revenue.

examine more approximately VAT at the website of Ministry of Finance.

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VAT laws:
View VAT laws at the website of Federal Tax Authority.

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VAT FAQs – Federal Tax Authority

VAT registration in the UAE follows specific criteria, with mandatory registration required under certain circumstances. Here’s a breakdown of when registration is necessary:

  1. For UAE-based Businesses

    • Mandatory registration is required if the taxable supplies and imports of a UAE-based business exceed AED 375,000 per annum.
    • VAT registration is optional if the supplies and imports exceed AED 187,500 per annum.
  2. For Non-UAE-based Businesses

    • If a non-UAE-based business makes taxable supplies in the UAE, registration is mandatory, regardless of the value of these supplies, provided there is no other person obligated to pay the due tax on these supplies in the UAE.

VAT-registered businesses are responsible for collecting VAT on taxable goods or services they supply and may reclaim any VAT they have paid on business-related goods or services. They must keep proper records to facilitate government checks and report the amount of VAT charged and paid regularly, typically through online submissions.

Foreign businesses visiting the UAE can also recover the VAT they incur during their stay.

It’s important for businesses to register for VAT through the eServices section on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website after creating an account. For further inquiries or assistance regarding tax registration, businesses can reach out to the Federal Tax Authority through the ‘Contact us’ page.

VAT in the UAE is set at a rate of 5%, and it applies to most transactions in goods and services. Businesses and individuals alike need to understand the implications of VAT on their transactions, as it affects pricing and financial documentation.

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