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Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on the intake of products and offerings. VAT is charged at the fee introduced to the product at every level of the delivery chain. The UAE added VAT on January 1, 2018, at a fee of 5%. Businesses with an annual turnover of AED 375,000 or greater are required to sign in for VAT. However, companies that can be registered for VAT in an FTA partner country can observe FTA VAT registration in the UAE.

FTA VAT registration is a simplified process that permits companies to assert VAT refunds on items and offerings bought within the UAE. The FTA VAT registration Dubai manner is to be given to companies that can be mounted in an FTA companion u.s.a. and don’t have any area of established order within the UAE. Businesses that can be mounted within the UAE can nevertheless declare VAT refunds on items and offerings bought within the UAE by following the usual VAT refund procedure.

Online VAT Registration UAE

How to sign in for FTA VAT withinside the UAE?

 FTA VAT registration is a easy and easy manner. The following steps want to be observed to sign in for
FTA VAT with inside the UAE:

 Create an Account at the FTA Website

 The first step withinside the FTA VAT registration manner is to create an account at the FTA website. Businesses can create an account via way of means of supplying their primary details, together with name, electronic mail address, and make contact with number.

 Submit Required Documents

 Once the account has been created, companies want to publish the desired files to finish the FTA VAT registration manner. The files required might also additionally range relying at the enterprise’s u . s . a . of established order and the character of the enterprise.

 Wait for Approval

 After filing the desired files, companies want to watch for approval from the FTA. Once the utility has been approved, the enterprise will obtain a notification confirming the FTA VAT registration Dubai.

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VAT Registration Online UAE
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Introduction to UAE VAT Registration

If a company’s or an individual’s taxable imports and supplies in the last 12 months have totaled less than AED 187,500 or are not anticipated to exceed AED 187,500 in the next 30 days, they are not eligible to register for VAT.

If a business or individual only makes exempt supplies, they may also apply for an exemption from VAT registration.

Online VAT Registration UAE

In addition to the aforementioned, all registered businesses and holders of UAE VAT Registration online numbers are required to modify their business reporting structure in accordance with compliance requirements, which include maintaining external supplies, accurate and up-to-date account books, tax paid documents (such as tax receipts, credit notes, and debit notes), and all inward supply records.

Thus, learning the fundamentals of VAT will be one of the crucial elements in getting ready for FTA VAT Registration, and registering for VAT will be the first step in getting your company ready for the shift to the VAT era.

Who needs to Sign Up for VAT Registration in UAE

Are all businesses in charge of VAT registration? No, only businesses that meet the required yearly total sales criteria are eligible to register for value-added tax. The firm will be able to register for VAT in accordance with the registration threshold; alternatively, the company may apply for registration or for registration exempt from VAT.

Based on this, the following categories can be applied to VAT Registration UAE:

Dubai Mandatory FTA VAT Registration

UAE VAT Registration on Demand

VAT Registration in UAE Exemption

Mandatory VAT Registration UAE

Companies must register for VAT UAE if they have a place of business in a UAE state and have supplied goods worth more than AED 375,000 to member states in the previous 12 months. Furthermore, companies must register online under the UAE VAT Registration if they anticipate that within the next 30 days, the total value of their supplies will exceed the mandatory VAT Registration threshold of AED 375,000.

Voluntary VAT Registration UAE

Companies that reside in the United Arab Emirates and are exempt from the mandatory UAE VAT Registration requirement are welcome to voluntarily apply online for UAE VAT Registration. Can this be done above the voluntary vat registration threshold only if the annual supply or taxable expenses are not less than this? 50% of the mandatory UAE VAT Registration threshold is met by the voluntary online threshold of 187,500 dirhams.

Voluntary VAT Registration UAE

In the past 12 months, the value of supplies/taxable expenses exceeded AED 187,500

Over 30 days are anticipated in the current fiscal year.

VAT Registration UAE is not required in this case. Companies are free to choose whether or not to register. All start-ups are given the chance to register for VAT by using taxable fees as a criterion for deciding eligibility for voluntary registration. This is due to the fact that, while a start-up company’s turnover or supply value may decline, it is highly probable that significant taxable costs will be incurred during the initial stages of the business. Because of this, all start-ups with zero turnover will be able to register by using taxable fees as a criterion for voluntary VAT Registration UAE.

VAT exemption Registration

Businesses are prohibited from registering for VAT in the United Arab Emirates if their supply value from member states falls below the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500. Furthermore, businesses that solely engage in zero-rated supply have the ability to request VAT Exemption from registration


How to apply for VAT Registration in the UAE

There are two steps to apply for VAT Registration in Dubai. First, you must create an electronic service account, and then you must complete the VAT Registration process.

  1. Create an electronic service account
  2. VAT Registration process
Online VAT Registration UAE

Create an electronic service account

You must first use FTA to create an electronic service account before continuing with online VAT registration in the UAE. In FTA, creating an online account is extremely similar to creating other online accounts (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). You must click the “Register” option in the upper right corner of the screen at “” in order to create an account. These are the procedures for setting up an account with eServices.

Online VAT Registration UAE

VAT Registration UAE process

You must use your login credentials to access your e-service account in order to apply for VAT Registration. Below are the step-by-step instructions for applying for UAE VAT Registration.

1. Log in to your e-service account

The "Register for VAT" option will be visible to you once you log into your e-service account, as indicated below:

Login to an electronic service account

Click "Register for VAT" on the dashboard, as indicated in the above image, to begin the VAT registration process in the United Arab Emirates.

2. Introduction to Value Added Tax

Following your click on "Register for VAT," the "Getting Started Guide" will appear, as seen below:

Advice on Getting VAT

This guide can assist you in comprehending a few key elements of the online VAT registration process in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, it offers comprehensive details on the data needed to finish the online VAT Registration UAE form. You must select "Click here to confirm that you have read the Getting Started Guide" after reading the comprehensive information contained in each section of the guide, and then click "Continue."

 3. VAT Registration form

The VAT Registration form will open as indicated below once you have read the instructions and clicked "Continue."

Form for VAT Registration

To finish the UAE VAT Registration, you must fill out section eight of the online form, which asks for detailed information. Applying parties can use various color indicators to monitor the status of their VAT registration. As seen below, the part that is completed and has tick marks will be indicated in “green” and the part that is in progress or whose details you wish to update will be indicated in “brown.”

VAT Registration form steps

If the required fields are filled in with the detailed information (shown by a red asterisk (*)), the portal will not permit you to proceed to the next section. The portal is intended to notify you with a message indicating the pertinent fields that require detailed information to be entered if one or more required fields are not filled out.

Let's talk about the information that needs to be entered into each section of the UAE online VAT registration form.

  • About the applicant
  • Applicant Information
  • Contact details
  • Bank info
  • Business relationship
  • Declaration

To Know more about   VAT Registration Deadline 


What is VAT group Registration?

In the UAE VAT Registration, two or more persons engaged in business can apply for tax registration as a tax group. A tax group is any group of two or more individuals who are registered in the free trade zone as a single taxable person, provided they fulfill the requirements outlined in the UAE VAT Law. The sole reason for this group registration is taxation.Requirements for registering as a VAT group applicant

All of the following requirements must be satisfied in order to be eligible to apply for VAT group registration.

 1. Everyone should have a business office or fixed business office in this state:

This implies that everyone in the UAE ought to have one of the following corporate offices:Location of establishment: The location where the business is legally registered in the United Arab Emirates in accordance with its establishment decision, or the location where important management choices are made and central management tasks are carried out.

Fixed place of business: Any fixed location other than one where an individual conducts regular or ongoing business and has access to enough technical and human resources to enable them to supply or receive goods or services. This is regarded as a fixed institution as well and includes branches.

2. The relevant personnel are related parties:

In this context, "related party" refers to two or more individuals who are not legally, financially, or economically independent. By purchasing shares or voting rights, or by using the law, one of them can exert control over the others.

 3. One or more persons in the partnership shall control others:

This indicates that another business is under the control of one or more relatives. Senior managers or directors of one another's companies, business partners, etc. are a few examples.

 VAT group Registration map

VAT group Registration

 VAT group Registration rights

The advantages of VAT group registration for companies are as follows:

i. Each VAT group entity will be regarded as "one" Tax Registration Number (TRN) entity. As a result, businesses will find it easier to account for VAT. They will also need to prepare and submit compliance reports, like VAT returns, at the group level as opposed to the entity level.

ii. The VAT scope does not apply to any supplies made by the VAT group entity. This implies that there will be no VAT applied to supplies made between VAT groups. Goods supplied by the VAT group to organizations outside of the VAT group, however, are liable to VAT.

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