Corporate Tax Implementation

Legal entities that have a permanent establishment in the UAE, are incorporated in the UAE, and are effectively managed and controlled in the UAE are all subject to UAE CT (see “Foreign persons” and “Who is considered resident for UAE CT purposes?”). Only individuals who directly, through an unincorporated partnership, or as a sole proprietor, engage in business or other operations in the UAE will be subject to CT. A Cabinet Decision with greater information on what would and would not be covered by UAE CT will be made public when the time is appropriate.

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Are UAE legal entities owned by UAE or GCC citizens subject to the UAE CT?

yes. The UAE CT is a federal tax, so it applies to all emirates.

Do I have to pay UAE CT along with emirate level taxes?

No, CT and VAT are two different types of taxes. Both still apply in the UAE.

Will the UAE CT replace the UAE excise tax?

yes. The relevant Emirati and Commonwealth Governments will continue to receive payments for applicable service fees.

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