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To be a leading professional Accounting and VAT Consulting  firm with the highest ethical and professional standards, that delivers exceptional value for our customers, our employees and our society. The VAT consultant Auditors will take extra care to hire and keep highly skilled workforce, give proper training and motivation to achieve quality levels in their work on par with the internationally expected standards.

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Businesses which exceed the mandatory registration threshold are obligated to register for VAT in the UAE. VAT registration inherently has a set of preconditions which must be followed properly. This makes it imperative for businesses to have extensive knowledge of every detail in the registration process. Having prior knowledge about the process is essential for businesses to make well informed preparations which will make the registration process fairly easy without much interruption.

VAT Return is a mandatory process for all business in the UAE. It is the process of filing for any output tax due and any input tax recoverable on a regular quarterly or monthly basis. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) released a VAT Returns Filing guide which explains the process for filing VAT Return. The VAT Consultant offers all services related to VAT Return right from the consultation to the implementation.

VAT is not simply a tax matter; it has an impact on the whole business operations affecting financials, bookkeeping etc. Hence it has become crucial to minimize the issues in the business to ensure minimum disruption to the business during the implementation. The VAT Consultant will assist you in choosing the right VAT software for your business which will not only help you be VAT compliant in the short run, but smoothly streamlines your way transition into the VAT era.

Registering for tax can be a daunting process for business establishment especially when foreign affairs and international taxation policies come into the picture. This calls for businesses to implement taxation strategies. Implementing VAT especially can cause a major change in the way a business is operated. The VAT Consultant provides quality consultant services in a wide range of areas while maintaining compliance with registration thresholds, local bookkeeping standards, support for tax inspections, Invoicing, Vat treatment, FX rates, etc.

Accounting and Bookkeeping is essential for every business. It helps the business to maintain credibility by displaying their true financial status and also helps making well informed plans and decisions. It enhances the company goodwill, eases the audit process and account management, displays the business’s financial health and much more. The accountants at The VAT Consultant come from a high-quality background of accounting experience and display full dedication to their clients.

For a business to maximize their growth beyond its current capabilities, external help through financial specialists and experts becomes crucial. A company faces complex financial decisions which require senior level expertise for operations such as budgeting, financial forecasting, and scenario analysis. The VAT Consultant offers business owners access to certified team of chartered accountants, CPA and accounting specialists who provide guidance tailored to each business’s unique needs as an when required.


The VAT consultant have years of experience in dealing with Taxation and Accounting requirements. Armed with the required skill set, we will make your firm VAT-ready in no time.


We are subject matter experts. While taxation is a subjective issue, our solutions stand test of theory and application.



Our consultants are eager to assist you! They are dedicated to their work and have clear understanding of clients' expectations and processes to deliver the same.


Each client and each business is different. Our expertise lies in delivering the tailor made solution that suits your present and future business requirements.

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We offer professional , Accounting, VAT ,TAX consultancy and related services.

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The VAT consultant , Dubai , UAE offers expertise in all areas of VAT Registration and VAT Related queries and are approachable any time and respond within a very short period which is essential for our fast-growing business.Their service is highly valued and we feel comfortable working with The VAT consultant and are looking forward to many more years of business together.
TCS Software Solution LLC
The VAT consultant is professional organisation that has provided us with relevant and practical advice in dealing with our VAT affairs. We have a number of diverse businesses, each with its own specific VAT impact, and The VAT consultant has the relevant knowledge and experience to advise the Group.
Sand Petro LLC

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