Tax Agents in UAE

In the previous article, we learned about tax agents, the  requirements for registration as a tax agent, and the duties that tax agents should perform. In this article, let us understand the procedure that person should follow to register as a tax agent under UAE VAT

The Process of registration as a TAX Agent in UAE

Registration process

When can one person’s tax agent license be revoked?

In the following cases, the license of a registered tax agent can be revoked:

One kind. The FTA determined that the tax agent did not meet the requirements we discussed in the previous article

b. The work of a tax agent in UAE affects the integrity of the tax system

C. Tax agent seriously violated tax law

If the tax agent’s registration is cancelled, the FTA will notify the tax agent of this decision within 5 working days after the registration is cancelled.

Therefore, according to UAE VAT, the role of tax agent is very important. The tax agent UAE will act as a mediator between the free trade agreement and the taxable person . For those who register as tax agents, this is a huge honor and responsibility. For taxable persons, the use of tax agents will help reduce VAT compliance. Tax agents can help reduce the time required for compliance activities and reduce compliance errors. Tax agents can also represent taxable persons in matters related to compliance. Therefore, Those who are interested in becoming Tax Agent UAE under UAE VAT can follow the above process to become a registered and licensed tax agent.

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