What is FTA Review Record (FAF)

The term ‘Audit’ by and large alludes to the examination of records, returns and other reports of a enrolled individual to confirm that the turnover announced, charges paid, discount claimed and input charge recuperated are redress. With a comparative objective, Government Charge Specialist (FTA) has presented the review handle. As a portion of the review handle, FTA online may ask the businesses to yield their commerce data which can be confirmed against the points of interest pronounced in VAT return uae or any other announcements made to FTA.

Once the Charge review is started, the concerned trade is required to create all the data in a endorsed way known as an Review record. The arrange of the Review record will be in FAF endorsed organize in which all the data as required, has to be submitted by the businesses. The desire of the FTA is that the charge bookkeeping program utilized by the commerce ought to be able to create the Review record in FAF organize so that the businesses discover it simpler to produce and respond quickly to FTA’s demands.

Not at all like the VAT return , which may be a rundown level return, meaning as it were the solidified points of interest of deals, buy, input VAT, yield VAT, etc. are announced, the review record, outlined in FAF organize should be delivered at the receipt level.

FTA Record Organize

The arrange of the FTA VAT review record ought to be in ‘comma isolated value'(.csv) and ought to incorporate points of interest specified underneath:

Company Data:

The FAF record ought to incorporate the taking after details of the company, as pertinent:

Assessable Individual Title (English)

Assessable Individual Title (Arabic)

TRN Assess (Enrollment Number)

Assess Office Title

TAN (Assess Office Number)

Charge Specialist Title

TAAN (Assess Operator Endorsement Number)

Provider and clients subtle elements:

The area of client and provider i.e. the nation or the Emirate (in case country is UAE) in conjunction with TRN, in the event that appropriate ought to be given. Moreover, you will ought to assign the charge codes like ZR for Zero-rated supplies in arrange to distinguish the nature of the supply.

Transactions Details:

Within the FAF record, you would like to report the subtle elements at each receipt level. The subtle elements such as receipt number, receipt date, receipt esteem, VAT Registration sum, etc. ought to be captured within the audit file. The following are the exchange subtle elements you would like to capture within the FTA online Review Record (FAF).

Buy Solicitations / Imports / Credit Notes/

Deals Solicitations / Credit Note

Receipt No. Archive number

Allow No. If available

Receipt Date Exchange Date

Exchange ID Any reference ID recognizing the exchange

Line No. The line number of the receipt etc. (in case of different things in receipt etc.)

Debit and Credit Sum In Actual Currency and Changed over to AED

VAT Sum In Real Cash and Changed over to AED

Within the case of payment transactions, you wish to capture the installment date.

Separated from the above-mentioned subtle elements, you too have to be capture the portrayal of products and administrations in conjunction with the VAT code, points of interest of alteration like diary passage and comment expressing adjusting off is utilized, in the event that the values are adjusted off.


Once the Assess review is started, it is the obligation of the commerce to create the Review record and react rapidly to FTA. This will be conceivable as it were when VAT computer program used by the businesses helps in the era of review records within the endorsed organize. With the level of information to be captured within the audit record, for businesses utilizing manual records, the method of creating the data required by the FTA VAT will be time-consuming. In this manner, it is imperative for businesses to utilize VAT program that will not as it were assist you to account for VAT but strolls with you, each step of assembly VAT compliance. In other words, it ought to assist you in producing the VAT return uae and Review record with a click of a button such that the businesses are able to meet the VAT compliance with minimum cost.

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