VAT is not charged on the import of certain specified goods into the UAE.

These VAT exemptions on import should not be mistaken for customs duty exemptions, as some of these imported goods may still be subject to customs duties even though they are VAT Registration exempt. Let’s look at the categories of goods that are exempt from VAT Registration uae when imported:

Firstly, imports by the armed forces and internal security forces, such as ammunition, weapons, military vehicles and spare parts, are VAT exempt.

Secondly, personal belongings and gifts brought by tourists to the UAE are exempt, provided they are non-commercial in nature and meet certain conditions.

Thirdly, used personal effects and household items brought into the UAE by returning UAE nationals who lived abroad, or by expatriates moving to the UAE for the first time to live, are exempt from import VAT Dubai.

Finally, goods that were previously exported from the UAE and are now returned, or goods that were temporarily exported for finishing or repairs and reimported, are exempt from import VAT Dubai.

In summary, UAE residents and businesses should take note of these categories of goods that are not subject to VAT when imported into the country, despite customs duties potentially still applying.

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