VAT installment on commercial property in FTA Entrance

With the presentation of VAT in UAE, it is imperative to note that deal of commercial property is subject to VAT @ 5%. The buyer of the commercial property has got to make the VAT Registration installment on the buy within the FTA entrance. In this article, let us understand the method for a individual buying commercial property to form installment of the VAT due within the FTA online entrance.

Steps for VAT installment on commercial property in FTA Entrance

Step 1:

Make an e-Services account

To pay VAT on buy of commercial property, you’ve got to to begin with make an e-Services account within the FTA entry, if it isn’t made as of now.

The sign-up prepare is as takes after:

Sign up as a modern client by entering your e-mail ID and a unique secret word

You’ll get an mail at the enlisted mail ID inquiring you to confirm your e-mail ID

After your mail ID has been successfully validated, you will create an e-Services account and log in to the FTA e-Services entry.

Step 2:

Login to FTA entry and go to ‘My payments’ tab

Step 3:

Enter the subtle elements beneath ‘Miscellaneous payment’

Beneath ‘Miscellaneous Payment’ box, select ‘Commercial property sale’ from the ‘Payment for’

Step 4:

Enter the mandatory details


The dealer of the commercial property will donate you a charge receipt appearing the VAT Return uae amount and the seller’s TRN. It is very important that you just keep a duplicate of this charge receipt.

The taking after required points of interest are required to be entered beneath the ‘Miscellaneous payment’ box:

VAT sum- This will be accessible on the assess receipt issued by the vender

Seller’s TRN- This will be accessible on the assess receipt issued by the vender

Commercial property number- This number can be given to you by the dealer or the arrive office

Date of deal- This will be accessible on the charge receipt issued by the vender

Arrive division- Select the important arrive office from the drop-down list

Once the over fields are filled, tap on ‘Make Payment’ button.

Step 5:

Make the VAT installment

Once you tap on ‘Make payment’ button, the ‘Payment Information’ screen shows up. Press on ‘Pay Now’ button at the foot cleared out and you may be coordinated to the e-Dirham door to total the payment.

Once you are diverted to the e-Dirham gateway, you’ll be able to create a payment through an e-Dirham or non e-Dirham card. Once the installment is done, the installment exchange number will be generated automatically.


Keep the installment exchange number with you after you visit the Land Division to proceed preparing the proprietorship transfer process. Remember that without the payment transaction number, the buy of the property will not continue.

Thus, the method for VAT Registration uae installment by buyers of commercial property is simple and direct. Buyers of commercial property ought to note that the installment for VAT ought to be worn out the FTA VAT entry and the installment exchange number ought to be held for further preparing of the proprietorship exchange prepare to you.

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