UAE Corporate Tax Law: Violations and Penalties

Article 60 of the UAE Corporate Tax Law governs the assessment of corporate tax and the associated penalties. Staying informed about updates and amendments is crucial, given the evolving nature of decree laws issued by the Federal Tax Authority. 

Corporate Tax Assessment in Accordance with UAE Corporate Tax Law
Corporate tax assessment involves a thorough examination of the taxpayer’s tax return, covering both mainland and free zone operations during the tax period. It is imperative to ensure that all information provided in the corporate tax return is accurate and complete to facilitate precise tax calculations and the determination of tax liabilities. These assessments are conducted in accordance with the Tax Procedure laws of the UAE and the applicable provisions established by the Authority.

Requesting Tax Assessment under UAE Corporate Tax Law
The Federal Tax Authority specifies the conditions under which a taxable individual can request a tax assessment, in compliance with UAE Corporate Tax Law. The Authority will only entertain assessment requests that meet these stipulated conditions; otherwise, such requests will not be considered.

The specific conditions for requesting a tax assessment have not yet been outlined by the Authority, and they may also initiate assessments themselves as required.

Penalties for Violating UAE Corporate Tax Law Provisions
The Tax Procedures Law governs the penalties and fines imposed by the Authority on taxpayers who breach the provisions of the UAE Corporate Tax Law. These penalties and fines come into effect when violations, such as non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the UAE Corporate Tax Law, are detected.

Penalties may include incarceration, monetary fines, or a combination of both, depending on the nature and severity of the violation. The fines may be determined as multiples of the outstanding tax amount.

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