Online Revision or Alter in Enrollment Points of interest in UAE VAT

Within the event of a alter within the trade subtle elements submitted whereas applying for VAT registration, it is the duty of the citizen to inform the changes to the FTA online and correct the registration details. If the changes are not informed and revised, a punishment may well be required.

FTA VAT permits the citizens to alter the enlistment subtle elements online by login in to the FTA entry. In any case, not all subtle elements can be altered online, as certain areas are blocked from adjustment.

The taking after are the enrollment points of interest which can be adjusted from the taxpayer’s entrance:

Commerce Exercises of the candidate:

Points of interest such as essential exercises of the commerce and any other exercises or proposed exercises can be adjusted.

GCC Exercises:

This area applies to businesses who are enrolled in any other GCC Part State and bringing in from or trading to GCC Part State. You’ll adjust the taking after areas beneath this segment:

Title of the GCC Part State


The assessed esteem of imports (AED per year)

The evaluated esteem of sends out (AED per year)

Traditions Enrollment Information:

The taking after areas beneath this section can be altered

An emirate in which you have got a traditions enlistment

Traditions Enrollment number

Transfer checked duplicates of Traditions number issued by Traditions office

Once the above details are altered and submitted, changes will be reflected consequently within the entry as these changes don’t require endorsement from the FTA.

Steps to alter the details in FTA online entry

Once the enrollment application is endorsed and you want to create changes to your enrollment points of interest, press the ‘Edit’ button accessible within the VAT box beneath the Dashboard

On clicking the ‘Edit’ button, all the sections and the pertinent areas will be accessible with the auto-populated data which you had submitted whereas applying for VAT Registration enrollment.

Explore to the pertinent segment which needs adjustment as appeared underneath and yield the changes:

Commerce exercises of the candidate area

After selecting the subtle elements from the drop-down list, spare the points of interest.

Once you alter the over areas, tap on ‘Add GCC Activities’ to spare the subtle elements of this area

Once you alter the over fields, click on ‘Add Traditions Registration’ to spare the subtle elements of this section.

Press on ‘Submit Changes’ button to alter the changes. In the event that you would like to cancel, tap on the ‘Cancel’ button. Once you tap ‘submit changes’, changes will be reflected naturally as these changes don’t require endorsement from the FTA. No message will be appeared once you press on ‘Submit Changes’ button.

Apart from the above-discussed areas and areas, businesses are not permitted to form online changes to other points of interest submitted whereas applying for VAT Dubai registration.

After revising the subtle elements of the important areas as examined over, you would like to tap the ‘Submit Changes’ button

Traditions Enrollment Data segment

GCC exercises segment

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