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FTA-compliant VAT services in Dubai include VAT registration, VAT declaration, voluntary VAT disclosure, VAT deregistration, VAT training, VAT audit, VAT consulting, and VAT validation. Masu.


VAT stands for value added tax (VAT) and is a type of indirect tax. Another name for VAT is the Goods and Services Tax (GST). In the UAE, VAT went into effect on January 1, 2018.


UAE businesses face many challenges when dealing with VAT and are looking for the best VAT services in Dubai. VAT is collected at all stages of the supply chain and it is the final consumer who is affected by VAT. UAE businesses collect VAT on behalf of the government.

UAE His VAT Consultants in Dubai

UAE VAT experts understand your business and assess the impact of VAT on your business.

 Xact audits ensure that all functions of a company comply with Federal Tax Administration (FTA) laws.

Complete sales tax compliance is guaranteed by our sales tax agents. To help you achieve your business goals, examples include creating precise VAT invoices and timely submission of VAT returns, among many other procedures.

Introduction of VAT in UAE

A company must register for his VAT if taxable supplies and imports exceed the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000. The company is subject to tax.

Additionally, a company may voluntarily register for his VAT if the total amount of taxable supplies and imports (or taxable expenses) exceeds the voluntary registration threshold of Dh187,500.



UAE VAT rate types are:

Standard rate (VAT 5%)

Zero rate (VAT 0%)

Duty free (no VAT)

Zero rate


International transportation and related supplies; 4,444 exports of goods and services outside the UAE.

Certain investment grade precious metals (gold, silver, 99% purity, etc.).

Certain sea, air, and land transportation (such as aircraft and ships) deliveries. 4,444 newly built apartments.

Exemption from VAT

Local public transport

Undeveloped land – sale and rental

Residential property – sale and rental

Provision of certain financial services

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