General transfer pricing disclosure requirements

Taxable Persons may be subject to certain transfer pricing disclosure requirements in case of entering into transactions or arrangements with Related Parties, which may allow the FTA to conduct a comprehensive and reasonable transfer pricing risk assessment, and confirm whether these transactions with Related Parties and Connected Persons have been conducted in accordance with the arm’s length principle

The FTA can require a Taxable Person to disclose information regarding their transactions and arrangements with their Related Parties and Connected Persons, together with their Tax Return.225

The purpose of maintaining transfer pricing related information is to describe how the Taxable Person has determined the transfer prices of transactions with Related Parties and Connected Persons, and why those transfer prices are sufficiently comparable to prices applied by independent parties in a similar situation.

A Taxable Person must comply with a request issued by the FTA to provide information which supports the arm’s length nature of its transactions or arrangements with its Related Parties and Connected Persons. This information must be submitted within 30 days following the request, or by any such other later date as directed by the FTA.226


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