Documents Required for VAT Registration in Dubai

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in Dubai requires certain documents for VAT registration. These documents must be submitted through an online portal. In order to obtain a Tax Registration Number (TRN) for your business, you must meet the VAT registration requirements in the UAE.

If your taxable supplies and imports exceed AED 375,000, your business is required to register for VAT. However, if the total value of your taxable supplies and imports (or taxable expenses) is more than AED 187,500, you may choose to register for VAT voluntarily.

To complete the VAT registration process online, you will need to provide the following documents:
1. A valid copy of your Trade License.
2. Passport copies of the owners/shareholders/managers who own the trade license.
3. Emirates ID copies of the owners/shareholders/managers who own the trade license.
4. Contact details of the company, including P.O. Box and complete address.
5. Memorandum of Association (MOA) (not mandatory for sole establishments).
6. Contact details of the concerned person, including mobile number, designation, and email address.
7. Bank details of the company (company’s bank account only).
8. Turnover declaration for the last 12 months, signed and stamped by the owner of the company, printed on the company’s letterhead.
9. Samples of signed and stamped sales or purchase invoices.
10. If your business deals with the customs department, attach a customs letter.

Once you have gathered all the required documents, you can submit them to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) through the online registration process in UAE.

Documents needed for Tax Group Registration

Businesses in the UAE have the option to apply for Tax Group Registration. A tax group can be formed by multiple businesses of different natures. According to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), if an individual holds more than 50% shares in multiple companies, they can establish a tax group comprising all these companies. The FTA will then issue a single Tax Registration Number (TRN) for the entire group of companies.

How to proceed with VAT Registration in Dubai?

VAT registration is conducted online. Businesses or individuals seeking VAT registration must first create an account on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) web portal.

Registering a Tax Group
For tax group registration, only the representative company of the group is eligible to apply. The representative company must possess a Tax Registration Number (TRN) or submit a VAT registration application when applying to form a Tax Group.
Each potential member of the Tax Group must:
– Be a legal entity
– Be a resident in the UAE; and not be a member of another Tax Group.

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