Deadlines for VAT Registration in the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has established specific VAT registration deadlines based on businesses’ turnover. The following outlines the VAT registration deadlines in the UAE:

**Compulsory Registration**

– Companies generating revenue surpassing AED 375,000:

– Companies with a turnover surpassing AED 150 million had a deadline of 31st October 2017.
– Businesses with a turnover exceeding AED 10 million had a deadline of 30th November 2017.
– All other businesses with turnovers above the AED 375,000 threshold were required to register by 4th December 2017.

**Voluntary Registration**

– Businesses with a turnover exceeding AED 187,500 were permitted to apply for registration only when VAT laws took effect, commencing on 1st January 2018.

Large companies, with turnovers exceeding AED 150 million, were the first to register on the FTA portal, facing a deadline of 31st October 2017. The subsequent phase encompassed businesses with turnovers ranging from AED 10 million to AED 150 million, necessitating VAT registration applications by 30th November 2017. All other businesses, with turnovers exceeding the compulsory threshold of AED 375,000 but below AED 10 million, had to complete their VAT registration by 4th December 2017.

With the VAT registration deadlines fast approaching, it is imperative for businesses to prepare accordingly. Here are some key factors to consider for VAT registration:

1. Comprehend the types of supplies included in the calculation of the VAT registration threshold.

2. Ascertain your turnover and verify your eligibility for VAT registration. If your turnover exceeds the mandatory AED 375,000 threshold, VAT registration in the UAE is obligatory.

3. Evaluate your turnover profile to determine the applicable VAT registration deadline for your business.

4. If you meet the criteria for voluntary registration (with a turnover above AED 187,500), apply for registration only when VAT laws become effective, starting from 1st January 2018.

5. If you are a non-resident engaged in supplying goods and services in the UAE without a representative, you must apply for VAT registration when VAT laws are in effect.

6. Businesses exclusively engaged in zero-rated supplies may seek exemptions from mandatory VAT registration. Complete the registration application and select the relevant option to request VAT exemptions.

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