Customize Business Reports to Your Preferences

It goes without saying how important reports are to your business. These provide actionable insights on various aspects of your business and help you make business decisions with confidence. There are many different types of reports that provide specific details about your business, but most of them involve tinkering with them by changing parameters, creating different views, and adding/changing information. , the list goes on. This is all for the simple reason that you can better analyze and understand your reports.

Absolutely! This is a great way to review your reports, but it’s not the only way. If you frequently use a custom view for a report and don’t want to configure it again, you can make it the default view.

Additionally, you can create, customize, and save multiple views of the same report to have them readily available when you need them. When multiple users manage business processes, each user may want to create and save different views of the same report and access them as needed.

Time spent in configuration iterations.

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