Tax agents are qualified and licensed professionals who can be appointed by taxable persons to assist them in their compliance activities under VAT. These professionals have obtained the FTA license after comprehensively checking their qualifications and experience in the tax field and the knowledge acquired through the tax agent examination. FTA also maintains a tax agent register for each tax agent, and all matters related to the tax agent’s professional behavior will be stored in the register.

You can learn more about tax agents in our article “Tax agents under UAE VAT”.

Taxpayers can view the list of registered tax agents in the FTA portal at this link.

Please note that it is not necessary to appoint a tax agent for your compliance activities. In the unlikely event that you appoint a tax agent, it is important to remember that the responsibility for compliance with compliance obligations remains with your business.

Tax accounting software provider

Developed a tax accounting software that can accurately capture and generate accounting information for tax reporting. Companies establishing automated systems to maintain tax records will reduce errors in tax declarations, thereby reducing compliance costs and fines. In addition, the software will be able to generate reports to track your tax obligations. According to a series of standards, the free trade agreement is certifying certain tax accounting software providers. Taxpayers can choose appropriate tax accounting software to simplify their compliance activities.

Therefore, the Free Trade Zone has developed various mechanisms to assist companies in accurately implementing compliance activities under the value-added tax. Taxpayers should use appropriate channels to increase their knowledge of VAT and find answers to their questions and difficulties.

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