All purchases and expenditures that need to be made at the standard value-added tax rate of 5% need to be reported in the value-added tax under “Expenses and All Other Inputs” in the VAT Form 201. This section contains two boxes:

  • Box 9: Standard rated cost
  • Box 10: Consumables should comply with reverse charging regulations

VAT expenditure

In this article, we will discuss the detailed information that needs to be captured in Box 11. 9, the standard rated cost.

Standard Rated Fee Form 201 in the form of VAT

In box 9, which is the standard rated cost, you need to report the taxable purchases or expenses of the input VAT you are entitled to. In “Amount (AED)”, you need to provide the amount of standard price purchases and expenses that occurred during this period. Subsequently, the VAT paid on the value of the expenses and inputs reported in the “Amount (AED)” column should be noted in the “Recoverable Value Added Tax (AED)” column.

Please note that you only need to report the input VAT you are entitled to claim, not the total VAT paid during the reporting period.

For example, if you purchase 100,000 AED plus input tax of 5,000 AED directly used to manufacture duty-free goods, the VAT of 5,000 AED is not allowed to be recovered because it is not allowed to recover the input VAT of input duty-free goods. In this case, the purchase value should be reported in the “Amount (AED)” column, which is AED 100,000, and the input value added of AED 5,000 should not be included in the “Recoverable Value Added Tax (AED)” column tax.

For consumables that restrict the recovery of input value-added tax, similar treatment measures are also required, such as entertainment services for non-employees and motor vehicles for personal use. To learn more about consumables that do not meet input tax recovery requirements, please read Non-compliant consumables. Input tax recovery under UAE VAT.

This table describes the types of consumables (if any) that need to be reported with the processing.

Types of processing supplies included or not included in the VAT return

Commodities or services included in the purchase/cost of goods or services purchased from a registered VAT registered supplier for commercial purposes are subject to 5% VAT.

After the standard rated purchase/expense discount rate of the discount rate is reduced, the purchase/expense shall be reported in the discount rate. For example, buy goods at a price of 1,000 dirhams and enjoy a 10% discount. Here, the taxable value is 900 dirhams (1,000 dirhams-10% discount) and the value-added tax is 45 dirhams.

The included credit note/debit note reduces the value of the credit note received from the supplier from your standard rated purchases/expenses, and only the net amount is required.

Including the total price of the purchases of the goods you have purchased according to the profit rate plan, and you are selling according to the profit rate plan.

You can correct errors during the previous tax period. Included you will be able to correct errors in previous tax periods in the current tax return period. You need to adjust the value and display only the net standard rated cost and the entered value-added tax. This is only allowed if the error causes the VAT payable to be more or less not more than 10,000 dirhams. If the tax amount of the discovered error exceeds AED 10,000, voluntary disclosure shall be submitted within the tax period when the error is discovered.

Supply in designated areas-non-consumption in designated areas does not include goods purchased in designated areas, not consumed in designated areas or subsequently imported into the UAE mainland.

Zero-rated purchases exclude zero-rated supplies, such as exports of goods or services outside the UAE, zero-rated education services and zero-rated healthcare services, etc., should not be included in the standard rated expenses.

Purchases/expenses that do not meet input VAT recovery, do not include input tax expenses, such as entertainment expenses, private use of motor vehicles, tax-free supplies or non-commercial supplies, etc.

Other expenses do not include wages, salaries, gifts or money gifts, gratuitous returns, money you invest in or withdraw from your business, fines and fines such as traffic fines.

Points to consider when submitting standard fees in VAT Form 201

1. Ensure that when returning the net value of the standard rated fee and output value-added tax, the value of the credit/debit notes issued by the supplier during the return period is taken into account

2. Make sure that the “input VAT recovery” column does not include consumables that restrict the input of VAT

3. Do not include the value of reverse charging consumables in the box number. 9. Should be reported separately in box i. 10

4. The adjustment bar is only used in the following situations:

Since your supplier has reduced the value-added tax, you have entered a value-added tax adjustment

Annual adjustment of input tax distribution-only applicable from 2019

Input value-added tax adjustment under the capital asset plan

To learn more about entering VAT adjustments reported in VAT Form 201, please read “Entering VAT Adjustments in VAT Return 201”.

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