In our article “Tax agency under UAE VAT”, we learned about tax agency. Tax agents are qualified and licensed persons who can assist taxable persons in VAT compliance activities. Tax agents are registered in free trade agreements, and taxpayers can appoint them to assist in fulfilling their tax obligations.

Tax agency is a tax agent company registered as an organization that assists taxpayers with compliance activities. The tax agency will consist of multiple tax agencies. Please note that all such tax agents must be registered as tax agents in the FTA in order to obtain a license to assist taxpayers in complying with regulations. This is in addition to the personal tax agent license that company members may hold. In order to register as a tax agent, the company should be associated with at least one tax agent.

Let us know how to register as a tax agent under UAE VAT.

What is a tax agent?

A tax agency is a legal entity that is licensed to operate as a tax agency and has registered as a tax agency in the FTA.

What are the requirements for registration as a tax agent?

The requirements for tax agency registration are:

Hold a business license or business license, allowing the applicant to operate as a tax agent (usually issued by the Ministry of Economic Development), and

b. Professional indemnity insurance with tax agency business

What is the procedure for applying for registration as a tax agent?

Procedures for applying for registration as a tax agent

Therefore, every tax agency company should be registered as a tax agency in a free trade agreement in order to be able to assist taxable persons in conducting compliance activities under VAT. A unique identification number (TAN) will be granted to each registered tax agent based on value added tax. This guide on how to become a tax agent in the UAE will be useful for such persons.

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