TRN (Tax Number) is an identification number given to everyone registered under UAE VAT. It is mandatory that only persons with valid TRN can charge VAT on consumables. In this case, it is helpful for registered companies to ensure that they receive supplies from the registrant so that they can recover the input tax on supplies without fear. For unregistered personnel and consumers, it must also be ensured that only genuine registered personnel can charge them VAT on supplies. To help achieve this, the FTA stipulates whether the TRN mentioned on the invoice or the TRN quoted by the supplier is valid. Anyone can use this tool to ensure that the TRN quoted by their supplier is true.

Steps to check if TRN is valid

1. Visit the FTA portal.

2. Click “Get Help”. Select TRN verification from the available options.

trn verification

3. Enter the TRN you want to check. Enter the security code displayed on the page.

4. If TRN is invalid, you will receive the following message:

trn news

5. If the TRN is valid, you will receive the following message. The legal name of the entity is in English and Arabic:

FTA TRN verification

Therefore, everyone in the UAE can use this tool to ensure that they only pay VAT to people registered under VAT. Previously, only registered users on the FTA website could use this tool. However, the FTA has recently enhanced this tool to ensure that even people who are not registered on the FTA website can use this tool to easily verify TRN.

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