Value of imported goods in Oman

Oman charges 5% VAT on imported goods and services. Excludes some types of shipping such as: B. All imported goods are subject to tax if duty-free goods, duty-free goods, and reported supplies are small. Unlike domestic supplies, VAT on imported goods must be paid on a reverse charge basis. That is, the importer has to pay her VAT to the authorities. Payment is usually made when the goods clear customs or, if the company has chosen a deferred payment scheme, when he submits the VAT return.

Regardless of when you pay it, it is important to know the value of imported goods that are subject to VAT.

Value of imported goods in Oman
The value of imported goods is determined after considering the various costs and duties associated with imports. According to Oman’s VAT regulations, the import value consists of the customs duty amount determined in accordance with the Customs Law, other taxes, fees and costs related to the import. This also applies to duty-free items.

The various factors that form part of the taxable value of imported goods in Oman are listed below.

Amount of customs duty determined in accordance with customs law
Excise and customs duties
Charges imposed by customs or other parties at the time of import
Transportation – packing, storage, stacking and insurance charges
The dutiable value of imported goods includes the import It is important to note that discounts applied on days are not included. In other words, the discount does not affect the value of the product unless the discount adjusts the customs duty value of the product.

When determining the taxable value of imported goods, the taxable value of the imported goods is first determined. In such cases, customs duties and excise taxes may be levied on the goods. All other costs, such as transportation, packaging, storage, storage, and insurance, are then added to the taxable amount. Fees charged by customs or other parties are also included in the taxable value of imported goods.

The regular VAT rate is calculated based on the final value of all the factors listed above.
Value of Goods

+Customs Duty

+ Excise Duty

+Value of Fright and Insurance

+ packaging, storage, stacking and any other fees

Example of import value calculations
Import value


Value of goods (Customs value)


(+) Customs duty at 5% (2,20,000*5000

Total value of import


(+) Excise duty at 505500

Total value of import after excise duty


Packaging charges


Total taxable value


VAT at 5,350

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