Oman VAT Returns

Companies registered under Oman VAT must submit regular VAT returns in the prescribed format to the Tax Authority (TA). A VAT return is a return summarizing details of purchases, sales, output VAT and recoverable input VAT and must be submitted to the Omani Tax Authority.

VAT Return Deadline
The VAT return cycle is quarterly and businesses must submit their return within 30 days of the end of the quarter. For example, tax returns for the quarter from July to September must be filed by October 30th.

A company whose registration date is before 1 July 2021 must submit his VAT return (for the period 16 April to 30 June 2021) by 30 July 2021 is needed.

Details that must be included in the VAT return
Businesses must submit their tax returns electronically through an online portal in the format prescribed by the authorities. Oman’s VAT Regulations specify the mandatory information that a registrant must provide on her VAT return.

Below is a list of the information you need to provide on your VAT return.

General Taxpayer Information: This section records information about the company. b. Company name/trade name/company name etc.

Trade Tax Identification Number (TIN): This is where the company’s TIN issued after VAT registration is recorded.

Tax period for which the tax return is filed: The sales tax filing period (quarter) for which the tax return is filed is recorded here.

Value of taxable and non-taxable supplies: All domestic supplies subject to 5% VAT must be recorded. You must also provide summary information about non-taxable supplies manufactured during the tax period. This must indicate the total amount of output VAT payable during the tax period.

Input tax amount: The total amount of tax deductible relating to the tax period for which the VAT return is filed.

Amount of tax payable during the tax reporting period: The amount of net VAT paid or refunded after adjusting the output VAT to the input VAT is expected to be recorded.

Other details specified by the Tax Authority (TA): If the Omani Tax Authority (TA) requests additional information as part of his VAT return, the company must also provide this information.
The above information is mandatory information that must be provided for sales tax. We will inform you shortly about the format or form of the VAT return in which you will need to provide details.

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