How to Apply for VAT Registration in Dubai?

How to Apply for VAT Registration in UAE?
We are providing you with the step-by-step application process for VAT registration in order to assist you in successfully completing the necessary paperwork.

UAE VAT Registration
The procedure of applying for VAT registration involves two steps. You must first register for an e-Services account and then finish the VAT registration procedure.

Establishing an e-Service Account and Registering for VAT
Creating an Online Account
You must first register for an online VAT account with FTA and establish an e-Service account. The process of creating an account on FTA is rather similar to the process of creating accounts on other websites, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You must go to ‘’ and select the ‘Sign up’ option located in the upper right corner of the screen in order to create an account. The steps to creating an e-Service account are as follows.
Procedure for VAT Registration
You must use your login credentials to access your e-Service account in order to apply for VAT registration. Below are the step-by-step instructions for applying for VAT registration in the United Arab Emirates.

A natural person is just a person acting in their own right; they are not a firm that has been incorporated. persons, persons functioning in partnerships (such as limited liability companies, or LLPs) without a specific legal form, and similar businesses are all included in the definition.

A legal person is an entity that has been granted legal personality by the applicable laws and is able to sign contracts under its own name. In the context of VAT registration, the term “entity” can refer to corporations and other incorporated corporate forms, such as legal partnerships (like LLPs), clubs, charities, or associations; federal or emirate government entities in the United Arab Emirates; foreign government representations (like diplomatic missions); international organisations; and other entities with comparable features.

Noteworthy items in this section

Legally speaking, branches are not separate from the main organisation to which they belong. Therefore, when it satisfies the necessary requirements, registration will be made under the parent’s name rather than the name of the branch. There is just one VAT registration needed, even if you are doing business through branches in multiple Emirate.

Do you own a trade licence in the United Arab Emirates? A trade licence can be any kind of licence that is equivalent to a business, commercial, professional, or other licence. To put it another way, it refers to any licence of that kind granted by a UAE-authorized authority, including licences obtained from UAE Free Zones.
You must answer “Yes” to this question and fill out the extra information if you own one or more trade licences. If not, kindly choose “No” (which covers situations in which registering a non-established firm in the UAE is necessary).
Are you registering voluntarily or under duress? Here, you must indicate whether registering is voluntary or mandated by law. Note that you must only register while VAT is in effect if you are applying for voluntary registration. Please read “VAT Registration in UAE” to learn more about VAT registration.

Do you intend to form or join a tax group as well? A Tax group can be formed between two or more legal entities that are related and meet certain legal control requirements (all of whom must live in the United Arab Emirates).

In case you want to start or join a Tax group, please click “YES.” If not, choose ‘No’ and continue.

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