How do I apply VAT to shipping discounts in Oman?


Discounts are a widely used strategy by businesses to increase sales. The seller deducts the discount from the gross or total price and the buyer pays only the net amount. Discounts are direct reductions in selling prices that support businesses.

Attract Customers

Encourage Buyers to Buy More

Make Payments on Time or Early

Giving discounts is nothing new for businesses, but when it comes to VAT in Oman, how do you deal with discounts? is probably the most common question most companies ask themselves. More specifically, he may want to know whether he has to charge VAT on the discounted amount. Or do you want to calculate the total amount of your offer without taking discounts into account?


Understand the Oman VAT discount regulations.

How to deal with Oman VAT discounts?

Oman VAT provides guidelines on how to deal with discounts granted on the supply of goods and services. Discounts and reductions granted by suppliers are not included in the taxable amount. Simply put, VAT is charged on the net amount received after discounts.

For example, the offer price is 20,000 OMR and the discount is 100 OMR. In this case, the taxable value of the supplies is 19,900 (20,000 – 100), which is subject to VAT.

The VAT regulations exclude discounts from the taxable amount, but certain conditions must be met. The discount conditions are as follows:

The amount of the discount or reduction granted is stated on the tax invoice.

The supplier’s policy for discounts and discounts is rather clear.

From the above conditions, it is clear that the discount must be reflected on the invoice and more importantly, the supplier has a policy regarding discounts.

Oman VAT Discount Example

National Spares Ltd is a dealer of motor vehicle spare parts. To clear out old stock, they have started a clearance sale with 5-10% off on certain spare parts.


National Spares sells accessories worth OMR 10,000 to Abdul Automobiles. We also offer his 5% discount on prices as part of our clearance program.



Product Description



Per piece



Spare parts

1 0 0 444 4




Discount 5D

4 – 500

VAT @5G5



4 444



44 44 Spare parts price is 10,000 OMR

5% A discount of 500 OMR will be deducted from the value delivery.

VAT is calculated based on OMR 9,000 (10,000 -500 * 5% VAT).

From the example above, VAT will only be charged on the value after deducting the discount. Therefore, it is assumed that the existing business practice of granting discounts will continue unchanged as long as the above discount conditions are met.


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