Once the FTA has approved the registration form, if there are any changes in the detailed information submitted when applying for registration, the taxpayer should report and amend it immediately. If there are any changes or additions related to business activities, GCC activities and customs registration information, they can be easily completed online by logging into the FTA portal. These changes do not require FTA approval, and you can complete them by editing the previously submitted details.

To learn more about the details that can be modified online, please read Online Amendment or Change of Registration Details in UAE VAT. In this article, we will learn about the registration details that cannot be modified online and the steps to follow to modify these details.

The registration details in the following sections have been blocked from online modification:

1. About applicants: This section contains detailed information, such as the basis for applying for registration, commercial licenses, mandatory or voluntary registration, and creation or joining of tax groups

2. Applicant details: This applies to two parts, “applicant name” and “applicant identity”. The applicant’s name includes detailed information such as the entity’s legal name (in English and Arabic) and the name of the product. The identification of the applicant part is composed of the organization that issued the business license, the business license number, the scanned copy of the business license and the details of the company establishment certificate.

3. Contact details: This section contains business contact details, such as address and contact number.

4. Bank details: This section includes your bank details, such as IBAN (account number), BIC (bank identification code) bank name, bank branch name, account holder name and default payment method.

5. Business relationship (optional): This section consists of senior management relationship details, and only if you or any of your directors or partners are currently involved (or have participated in any other business of the company in the past 5 years) This applies to the UAE, whether as an individual or as a director or partner of the business.

6. Regarding the part of VAT registration: the following subsections cannot be modified:

One kind. Actual or estimated financial transaction value

b. Import and Export Commodities

C. VAT registration exception

7. Statement: Include detailed information about the taxpayer’s authorized signatory and communication preferences.

To learn more about the fields available in the above sections, read how to apply for VAT registration in the UAE.

The process of modifying the above detailed information, these details cannot be modified online

If any of the above details changes, the taxable person must notify the FTA of the change in writing so that its VAT registration can be modified. These amendments may require the approval of free trade agreements.

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